Infatuation [in-fach'oo·at´shen] v. Filled with a foolish (Foolish?  That's tactful.  Stupid and hopeless is more like it) exaggerated love or passion which drives you to creating truly useless and pathetic Web sites such as this.

16626 Infatuated Web surfers who have no idea what they are getting into have been here.  May God have mercy on their souls.

At first I was going to call this site "Tahoma Love", but love is not what I feel for Microsoft's masterpiece font. What is love? Isn't that something that everyone would like to know? I'm not gonna get into what love really is and all that, but I realized that that is not what I feel towards Tahoma. Towards it I feel the very deepest of infatuation. To put it simple: Infatuation means I think it's awesome, and I want its code base, and that is the only reason I feel any thoughts of love or passion towards it. With all that said, I will not lie to you any longer. Click on the Tahoma Icon and you can start your very own psycho trip!  I'm also joking.  But click anyway, it gets better.

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Can't take it anymore?  Don't blame you.  Return to the Realm, featuring Tahoma.  :-)

Note:  This is a parody of "Britney Spears Infatuation," a site dedicated to slobbering all over Britney Spears.  Because the parody idea was just too good, I went for it.  My apologies to the Webmaster of that site--but it was, well, open to parody.  As a satirist that must conquer all, I went for it, and here is Tahoma Infatuation in its glory (?).

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So there.